1000-year-old ‘alien corpses’ are from single skeletons and not assembled, claim Mexican doctors - Breaking News | Latest News Today

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The 2 “extra-terrestrial corpses” which were tested aft they were displayed astatine Mexico’s Congress past week belonged to a azygous skeleton pinch nary grounds of immoderate "assembly aliases manipulation of nan skulls", Mexican doctors person claimed.

Scientists connected Monday conducted a number of tests connected nan 2 “non-human” specimens that were antecedently displayed to Mexican politicians astatine nan Congress.

Journalist Jaime Maussan nether oath told nan House that nan mini corpses were retrieved from diatom mines successful Cusco, Peru, pinch almost a 3rd of their DNA remaining “unknown”. Politicians were told nan corpses were estimated to beryllium 1,000 years old.

Maussan made akin claims successful Peru which were later debunked, including five mummies recovered successful Peru successful 2017 which were later shown to beryllium quality children.

Last week's alleged alien show was questioned by scientists, academics, and archeologists, who based on nan corpses were "way excessively humanoid" to beryllium genuine.

José Zalce Benitez, nan head of nan Health Sciences Research Institute, said nan studies concluded that nan alleged aliens belonged to a azygous skeleton and were not assembled pinch quality objects.

He said his squad recovered that 1 “was alive, was intact, was biologic and was successful gestation” successful reference to nan alleged ample lumps recovered wrong 1 of nan corpses's abdomen, which could beryllium eggs, New York Post reported.

The head had antecedently claimed that "these bodies person nary narration to quality beings".

Alleged alien corpses presented to Mexican Congress


The alleged corpses person a humanoid style pinch a mini body, elongated caput and 3 fingers connected each hand. Maussan claimed nan bodies pinch 2 arms and 2 legs had strong, ray bones and nary teeth, on pinch implants of cadmium and osmium.

Professor Brian Cox was among nan critics who pointed retired that it was "very improbable that an intelligent type that evolved connected different satellite would look for illustration us".

“Secondly – nonstop a sample disconnected to 23andme (genetic testing firm) – fto unsocial nan University down nan roadworthy – and they’ll show you wrong 10 minutes," he wrote connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico successful a connection said its researchers had ne'er examined nan existent specimens, but had simply carried retired c testing connected tegument samples provided by a customer backmost successful 2017.

Their carbon-dating was “only intended to find nan property of nan sample brought by each personification and successful nary lawsuit do we make conclusions astir nan root of said samples”, nan assemblage said.