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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says if he had his clip over, he would still beryllium holding nan Voice to parliament referendum, contempt nan statement turning “nasty and divisive” astatine times.

When he claimed triumph successful May past year, nan first point Mr Albanese committed nan Labor authorities to was implementing nan Uluru Statement from nan Heart “in full”, pinch a referendum connected enshrining an Indigenous Voice to Parliament nan first step.

Despite pleading from Opposition Leader Peter Dutton to hold nan “divisive” referendum, aliases alteration nan mobility to alternatively inquire Australians to ballot connected Indigenous nickname without a constitutionally enshrined Voice – and amid declining support for nan Yes ballot – Mr Albanese has remained patient successful his commitment.

But, pinch conscionable complete 3 weeks to spell now until Australians ballot successful nan first referendum since 1999, statement has at-times taken an disfigured turn.

After a difficult parliamentary sitting fortnight, some sides of parliament person condemned a group of pro-Voice activists who shouted profanities astatine No campaigners arsenic they walked into a rally arena successful Adelaide earlier this week, and called for respectful statement up of October 14.

ALBANESE PRESS CONFERENCECamera IconPrime Minister Anthony Albanese says if he had his clip over, he would still forge up pinch a Voice to Parliament referendum. NCA NewsWire / Martin Ollman Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Albanese said Australians connected some sides of nan statement needed to beryllium respectful, but erstwhile asked whether he would still make nan aforesaid committedness to clasp nan referendum if he had his clip again – knowing now really “nasty and divisive” nan statement would go – he was emphatic.

“Yes. Because erstwhile are we going to get this done (otherwise). It’s been 122 years,” he told 2SM power connected Wednesday morning.

“There’s provisions successful nan Constitution to let New Zealand to beryllium nan seventh authorities of Australia, but there’s nary acknowledgment of nan first peoples of Australia.

“This should not beryllium controversial.”

He said he was not nan only governmental leader to perpetrate to a referendum, saying it was besides nan “Coalition’s position earlier nan past predetermination … earlier 2016”.

“Go backmost each nan measurement to 2007, John Howard committed to it, wrong 18 months of his predetermination that location was going to beryllium a referendum for law nickname … I’ve been wished to reconstruct religion successful authorities by doing what we said we would do and this is an opportunity to move nan state forward. And there’s thing to fearfulness from this proposal,” he said.

Mr Albanese besides welcomed nan news that Cathy Freeman – arguably 1 of Australia’s top sporting icons and a proud Aboriginal female – had thrown her support down nan Yes case.

In a video for Yes23, nan golden medallist encouraged Australians to ballot Yes, saying “I can’t retrieve a clip erstwhile alteration has felt truthful urgent, wherever momentum has been truthful strong”.

“We person nan chance to beryllium portion of a infinitesimal that brings group together, to activity difficult for thing that we tin each judge in,” she said.

Mr Albanese echoed Freeman, reinforcing his plea for Australians to return up nan “generous” invitation extended by First Nations group astatine Uluru successful 2017.

“(She) has joined nan overwhelming mostly of Indigenous Australians wanting to beryllium recognised successful our nation’s founding document,” he said.

Deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley said while she didn’t work together pinch Freeman’s position, she had “articulated her views very strongly” and suggested she should see a tilt for parliament.

“I don’t work together pinch her. I don’t work together pinch nan statement for Yes, but arsenic I’ve said galore times, it’s okay to ballot Yes, and it’s okay to ballot No,” she told Sky News.

“What’s not okay is nan type of disrespect and maltreatment that group knowledgeable only a time aliases truthful agone successful Adelaide … The type of maltreatment we’ve been seeing is conscionable not okay.

“You tin person that title of ideas astir nan room table, but you perfectly request to respect everyone’s views successful this.”


In a bid to promote undecided voters to support nan Voice, nan Uluru Dialogue is rolling retired a caller societal media campaign, asking young group to “ring your rello” and talk nan impeding referendum pinch them.

Uluru Youth Dialogue co-convener Bridget Cama said young group will play a “really important role” successful nan upcoming referendum.

“We’re asking young Australians correct crossed nan state to get connected nan telephone and telephone their relative, and conscionable talk to them astir nan Voice – why it’s important to them arsenic young group and past asking them whether they would support nan Voice and ballot yes,” she said.