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Key Points
  • Anthony Albanese says his authorities is "doing nan lot" erstwhile it comes to nan economy.
  • He besides defended nan government's attraction connected nan Voice referendum.
  • It comes amid a costs of surviving crisis.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says his authorities is "doing nan lot" erstwhile it comes to nan economy, situation and costs of living.

He defended nan government's attraction connected nan Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum arsenic Australians struggle astatine nan checkout and nan bowser.

"But we besides deliberation aft 122 years, nan elemental proposition that we recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group arsenic Australia's first group successful our nation's founding archive is simply a very humble request," he told Triple M power position connected Wednesday.

"When we talk astir budgets, there's been a full batch of money put into Indigenous affairs, it intelligibly hasn't been effective, nan strategy hasn't worked up to now and truthful that's why we request to do better."

It comes arsenic Australian fable Cathy Freeman has thrown her sound earlier a successful referendum successful a caller Yes run ad.

Deputy Liberal Leader Sussan Ley said Freeman would ever stay an icon but she didn't work together pinch her position contempt wanting to spot her successful parliament.

"As I said galore times, it's okay to ballot Yes and it's okay to ballot No," she told Sky News connected Wednesday.

"What's not okay is nan type of disrespect and maltreatment that group knowledgeable only a time aliases truthful agone successful Adelaide and nan yelling astatine members of nan No campaign."

She branded nan law alteration arsenic "unknown and permanent".

Australians will caput to nan polls connected 14 October and will beryllium asked whether they want to recognise Indigenous group successful nan constitution by enshrining an advisory assemblage that tin make representations to nan authorities and parliament.

Stay informed connected nan 2023 Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum from crossed nan SBS Network, including First Nations perspectives done NITV.

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