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Brian Austin Green has been getting candid astir his co-parenting narration pinch ex-wife Megan Fox.

On nan latest section of their podcast, Oldish, Green and his partner Shanna Burgess talked to Randy Spelling astir really they person worked pinch nan Transformers character to co-parent nan children she shares pinch Green — Journey River, seven, Bodhi Ransom, nine, and Noah Shannon, who turns 11 later this month. Burgess shares a son, Zane Walker, 15 months, pinch nan Beverly Hills, 90210 alum.

Green did explain that “it takes work” to create a patient move and that it has been a “concerted effort.”

“You can’t conscionable seashore done parenting. Parenting is, you’re connected your feet thinking, each time long, trying to make nan champion decisions you tin successful moments you don’t cognize what determination will activity nan best. It’s each proceedings and error,” he explained.

“I’ve learned having 5 kids, is different pinch each azygous kid because each azygous 1 is simply a different person,” Green continued. “You person to fig retired nan methods that activity nan champion for that personification and will service them nan best. We person 3 kids successful nan location that are each astir a twelvemonth and a half isolated and they’ve each been raised virtually nan aforesaid measurement and they couldn’t beryllium much different from each other. They’re perfectly different people.”

Green added that he, Fox, and Burgess “co-parent really good together.”

“When we request to, we pass really well, we’re unfastened to things. We don’t return things personally. It is my goal, and I deliberation it’s her extremity arsenic well, that nan kids are successful arsenic patient an situation arsenic they tin beryllium in,” he shared to Spelling.

“I’ve really travel to nan knowing and nan realization wrong nan past 5 years that I deliberation group do a immense disservice successful reasoning they don’t want a separation aliases a divorcement to impact their kids because it will. It will perfectly impact your kids,” he noted. “The portion of it you person power complete is really it affects your kids, whether it’s a affirmative acquisition and you co-parent pinch nan different personification well, aliases you make it arsenic loving an acquisition arsenic possible, aliases a very angry head-to-head, fighting constantly.”

Green said that nan 3 of them spell retired of their measurement to debar making nan kids consciousness arsenic though they are “stuck successful nan middle.” They decided that successful ray of individual disagreements, they must put their differences speech erstwhile basal because “it ever has to beryllium astir nan kids.”

When Burgess’ narration initially began becoming much serious, and she was starting to walk clip pinch Green’s kids, she said connected nan podcast that she reached retired to Fox via matter to present herself. She noted, “I deliberation she really appreciated that starting retired pinch openness.”

“I ever tried to beryllium neutral successful nan opening of our relationship, to not person immoderate preconceived thought of who she was earlier I met her. I conscionable wanted to get to cognize her for myself and we allowed that to happen,” Burgess added. “I deliberation we co-parent really well. Again, it is ever astir nan kids and what’s champion for them. Sometimes, we are capable to do things together.”

Green raved astir Burgess and Fox’s “beautiful relationship,” explaining, “If they are astatine nan schoolhouse for an event, they’ll sometimes beryllium successful their ain small spot talking for half an hour, wholly connected their ain laughing and joking and having a awesome time.”

“She’s an awesome female and she is simply a portion of raising these beautiful children and simply because she’s an ex, there’s nary request for maine to person immoderate resentment towards her. They had their acquisition and it has thing to do pinch me. How it went down, what went down, it’s zero of my business. What is my business is being a portion of creating a healthy, loving, open, and respectful situation for these kids,” Burgess concluded.