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Samuel L Jackson has played a gangster supplier trader successful Jackie Brown and cool Marvel spy Nick Fury – but his starring domiciled arsenic nan caller look of Warburtons breadstuff mightiness conscionable beryllium his astir iconic yet. 

Warburtons has erstwhile again pulled it retired of nan container and landed a bonafide Hollywood A-lister to beforehand their caller campaign, pinch Avengers prima Samuel, 74, nan latest to beforehand their marque of breadstuff and bagels. 

The agelong statement of celebrated ambassadors has included George Clooney, Peter Kay, Sylvester Stallone and moreover The Muppets. 

Plus, who could hide Robert De Niro’s genuinely bonkers campaign successful 2019? 

So, Samuel is successful awesome institution and he seems beautiful comfortable successful his caller domiciled arsenic Warburtons ambassador. 

Their caller advert shows nan Pulp Fiction character prima arsenic Jonathan Warburton, who receives immoderate beautiful antagonistic feedback from a customer connected X (formerly known arsenic Twitter). 

‘I’m a bully guy, family man, but sometimes Johnny Lovely Crumpets won’t trim it,’ he says while slicing into his buttery toast. 

In a cheeky reference to his Marvel domiciled arsenic Fury, past he warns: ‘Sometimes you request Samuel L Jackson to play you successful a commercialized because erstwhile I spot this from “Steve” up successful my socials it unleashes a furious anger successful me.’ 

The unsavoury connection from ‘Steve’ reads: ‘@Warburtons Jonathan, I emotion your Toastie loaf, but I’ve seen different Toastie loaves successful nan shops that look precisely nan same. What gives?!’ 

Steve managed to positively rile Samuel, ahem, Mr Warburton, up arsenic he past embarks connected a rage-fuelled rampage which includes breaking his laptop successful half, kicking his measurement done doors, throwing Steve’s parents’ toast successful nan thoroughfare (of course, not Warburtons) and screaming successful nan mediate of a section of wheat. 

In 1 of nan champion scenes, a group of portraits spot nan character portraying different members of his family done nan generations – and moreover his great-great-great mother wearing a baker’s outfit. 

‘Hell hath nary fury for illustration a baker scorned,’ he warns. 

Eventually, Samuel comes face-to-face pinch nan existent Warburtons president arsenic they clink their cups of tea. 

Samuel said of starring successful nan nosy advertisement campaign: ‘It was a pleasance to meet nan man astatine nan helm of Britain’s biggest family bakery. And what an honour to travel successful nan footsteps of Bolton alumni, George Clooney and Robert DeNiro. We had a batch of nosy connected group truthful I dream group bask nan vanished merchandise – nan advertisement and Toastie Loaf!’

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, added: ‘Samuel L Jackson was a pleasance to activity pinch and is invited backmost astatine our bakeries immoderate day. Not galore group tin beryllium that commanding and truthful charming astatine nan aforesaid time, and I emotion his hilarious return connected why our Toastie loaf is nan existent deal.

‘Quality will ever beryllium astatine nan halfway of our fifth-generation family tally business, and our caller advertisement highlights this committedness to freshness and value successful each that we bake. 

‘Inviting nan big-screen leader of Samuel L Jackson into nan business was a uniquely memorable experience, and we dream to bring immoderate light-hearted humour to viewers astatine location – while reminding nan federation that our Toastie genuinely offers our customers nan champion of nan best.’ 

It remains to beryllium seen what fans deliberation of Samuel’s advert but De Niro divided nan federation erstwhile he played a gangster successful Warburtons’ 2019 campaign. 

In 2015, Rocky character Stallone played a ‘tough, uncompromising transportation driver, commanding a ace squad of bakers hellbent connected delivering nan very best’ successful his advert, while Clooney attempted to transportation an thought to Mr Warburton, only to beryllium snubbed by nan bakery boss. 

Samuel’s advert will spell unrecorded connected societal media from Thursday September 19 and will aerial connected UK TV from Friday  September 22.

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