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Cristiano Ronaldo is by acold nan biggest sports prima successful Saudi Arabia and now World Wrestling Entertainment want to rate successful connected his floor plan erstwhile their Crown Jewel arena comes to nan Middle East

Cristiano Ronaldo has nan chance to elevate different sport

Cristiano Ronaldo has nan chance to elevate different sport

World Wrestling Entertainment are moving connected a woody to person footballing megastar Cristiano Ronaldo characteristic astatine their adjacent Saudi Arabia show.

Ronaldo, 38, has already hugely elevated shot successful Saudi pursuing his move from Manchester United past twelvemonth and now wrestling chiefs want successful connected his act. WWE is expected to return to nan Middle East successful November and that's erstwhile they want nan Al Nassr striker to look astatine their Crown Jewel event.

Having already held their Night of Champions show successful nan Saudi metropolis of Jeddah earlier this year, it's being reported by Spanish outlet AS that WWE's caller owners are hoping to rate successful connected Ronaldo's beingness erstwhile they spell backmost there. Endeavour, who besides ain UFC, are keeping specifications nether wraps but dream that for illustration different celebrated sports stars, nan ex-United leader tin participate nan squared circle.

Ronda Rousey and Mike Tyson are notable icons from different sports to person featured successful different wrestling matchups astir nan world, and Ronaldo appearing successful immoderate capacity could springiness WWE an moreover bigger gross boost. Endeavour are readying to revolutionise wrestling, having secured a merger pinch UFC successful April and are besides successful talks to bring backmost Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

It wouldn't beryllium nan first clip that a footballer has appeared astatine nan wrestling, pinch Wayne Rooney doing truthful successful 2015. The past England skipper was successful nan beforehand statement of nan crowd astatine an arena successful Manchester and memorably slapped Wade Barrett.

Rooney, who astatine nan clip was still playing for United arsenic their starting striker agelong aft Ronaldo had first left, was later criticised by nine fable Roy Keane complete his spat pinch Barrett. "I ever mobility definite players what are they doing disconnected nan field," Keane said connected ITV.

"Last week I saw him slapping a wrestler and I'm thinking, 'Why is he getting progressive successful each that nonsense?' There's nary use to him. I'd person a look astatine that broadside of it.

Wayne Rooney slapped wrestler Wade Barrett successful 2015 (


© WWE)

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"It's surely not helping him. I wouldn't begrudge him going retired and enjoying himself, but if you're not astatine it yourself you've sewage to person a look and lead by example."

Keane would beryllium little harsh connected Ronaldo since nan 38-year-old is reaching nan extremity of his career, having spent nan past 9 months successful Saudi. Ronaldo is enjoying himself, too, telling nan Saudi Pro League's media channels successful May: "I americium happy here, I want to proceed here, I will proceed here."

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The five-time Ballon d'Or winner, who reportedly earns an eye-watering £15million per month, added. "I will beryllium portion of your world, your culture, I will beryllium here, I dream I make nan group bask done my games, my performance, and to triumph things, but again, convey you for welcoming me, and I will effort to springiness my champion during nan clip that I will beryllium here."

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