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The Culture Secretary has pledged that “new ways of consuming TV should not travel astatine nan disbursal of those who still bask terrestrial television” amid an summation successful viewers turning to streaming platforms.

Lucy Frazer will present a keynote reside connected nan early of TV astatine nan Royal Television Society (RTS) Cambridge Conference connected Wednesday.

It comes arsenic an Ofcom report, published past month, recovered nan number of viewers tuning successful to watch broadcast tv each week has seen nan sharpest autumn since records began.

The watchdog’s investigation recovered nan proportionality of group watching accepted TV each week has declined from 83% successful 2021 to 79% successful 2022.

Ms Frazer is group to outline a caller scheme during her day reside that is hoped to “maximise nan imaginable of nan TV manufacture to capitalise connected nan endless prime caller exertion now offers to audiences”.

At nan arena held successful King’s College Cambridge, nan Secretary of State is expected to reside nan convention taxable of Too Much To Watch by talking astir really streaming should not negatively effect connected group who trust connected accepted ways of watching TV.

Ms Frazer is group to say: “As we attraction connected nan future, our attraction must besides beryllium connected making judge group are not near down because caller ways of consuming TV should not travel astatine nan disbursal of those who still bask terrestrial television.

“This Government wants to promote nan assemblage to support embracing invention and technological development.

“But we’re not going to propulsion nan rug from nether nan devoted audiences of Freeview channels.

“We want terrestrial tv to stay accessible for nan foreseeable future.”

As portion of nan talk, which will beryllium chaired by Channel 4’s main executive Alex Mahon and see a Q&A convention pursuing her speech, Ms Frazer will denote a caller investigation and engagement programme looking astatine nan early of TV successful nan UK.

The task will pass whether nan existent committedness to support Freeview supported until astatine slightest 2034 will beryllium extended, guarantee audiences person entree to TV and will look astatine really to support nan manufacture successful seizing caller opportunities.

In 2021, nan Government announced Freeview licences – which let nationalist work and commercialized broadcasters to present contented free-to-air to audiences crossed nan UK – were renewed for different decade.

Despite nan continuing diminution of accepted broadcast TV viewing, according to nan Ofcom Media Nations 2023 report, BBC One and ITV1 are still nan apical 2 first destinations for viewers erstwhile they move connected their TV, pinch Netflix placing third.

Public work broadcasters (PSBs) besides still predominate nan UK’s most-watched database pinch weighted nationalist TV moments.

The UK’s most-watched programmes successful 2022 included England’s quarter-final successful nan Fifa World Cup, nan State Funeral of nan Queen and nan Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Other speakers astatine nan RTS convention see character and talk show big James Corden, broadcaster Piers Morgan, director-general of nan BBC Tim Davie, ITV main executive Dame Carolyn McCall and Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy.