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Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has revealed nan nine put a “buy-back clause” successful nan woody that saw Harry Kane subordinate Bayern Munich this summer.

Kane, who is Tottenham’s all-time grounds goalscorer, departed his boyhood nine successful August to subordinate nan German champions.

Tottenham held retired for a interest that could emergence to £120m for nan England captain, pinch Kane group to participate nan last twelvemonth of his statement pinch nan Premier League club.

The 30-year-old signed a four-year woody pinch Bayern and has group his sights connected winning nan Champions League pinch nan German side, up of nan commencement of their European run against Manchester United connected Wednesday night.

But Kane, who scored 280 goals for Tottenham, has heavy affectional ties pinch Spurs and president Levy revealed location was an action inserted into their woody pinch Bayern to perchance re-sign nan striker successful nan future, though he did not uncover what nan interest would request to be.

Levy made nan remark astatine a Tottenham instrumentality forum and confirmed “there is simply a buy-back clause” erstwhile asked astir Kane’s departure.

In his departure video upon leaving Tottenham past month, Kane near unfastened nan anticipation of a return to Spurs successful nan future.

“I’ll beryllium watching this season, bully luck to Tottenham, bully luck to nan full nine truthful it’s not a goodbye because you ne'er cognize really things cookware retired successful nan early but it’s a convey you and I’ll spot you soon,” he said.

Kane has scored 4 goals successful 5 appearances since joining Bayern, while Tottenham person made an awesome commencement successful nan Premier League nether caller head Ange Postecoglou.

Spurs person won 4 of their opening 5 games, drafting nan other, and look rivals Arsenal connected Sunday arsenic they look to widen their champion commencement to a convention play since 1965/66.