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Dozens of fires are burning crossed NSW, pinch firefighters connected precocious alert amid a record-breaking September heatwave.

There are presently 70 fires burning crossed nan state, each of them astatine nan proposal level.

As of 9am, 17 of 68 were not contained.

Waterbombing craft person been called to a occurrence successful Wallacia, while Silverwater Road has been closed. (NSW RFS)

Two much person escalated since past - 1 burning astatine Point Piper Road successful Eraring successful Lake Macquarie and different at Silverwater Road successful Wallacia.

Waterbombing craft person been called to nan occurrence successful Wallacia, while Silverwater Road has been closed.

Meanwhile, nan Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a apical of 35 degrees for nan NSW capital, which will beryllium nan 2nd time successful a row.

Sydney has never, until today, recorded two days of 34 degrees aliases much successful a row, successful September.

Sydney heatwaveIf temperatures travel nan forecast, it will group a record. (9News)

Records making love backmost to 1859 successful truth show that earlier this week, Sydney had only reached 34 degrees successful September 3 times, according to Weatherzone's Ben Domensino.

A full occurrence prohibition is successful spot for Greater Sydney, nan Hunter, and nan Upper Central West regions, and nationalist parks astir nan Sydney region will besides close.

Temperatures are group to driblet aft today, pinch a forecast maximum of 22 degrees for Sydney connected Thursday, followed by a apical of 19 degrees connected Friday.

HeatwaveThe September heatwave is breaking records. (Weatherzone)

El Niño signals scorching summer

"This summertime will beryllium hotter than mean and surely hotter than nan past 3 years," the bureau's Dr Karl Braganza said.

Air bomber drops dropping h2o complete occurrence from above

Firefighters onslaught Queensland bushfires from above

Australia's past El Niño arena occurred during nan summertime of 2015-16.

Climate exemplary outlooks propose nan El Niño play is apt to proceed until astatine slightest nan extremity of nan confederate hemisphere summertime astatine nan extremity of February.

Australia is apt to acquisition hotter and drier upwind than successful caller years, on pinch an elevated bushfire risk.