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US President Joe Biden’s boy Hunter will plead not blameworthy to national firearms charges revenge aft nan illness of a plea woody successful a long-running national investigation, his lawyers say.

Biden is accused of lying astir his supplier usage erstwhile he bought a firearm successful October 2018, during a play erstwhile he has acknowledged struggling pinch addiction to ace cocaine.

He is accused of keeping nan weapon for 11 days.

The three-count indictment from a typical counsel overseeing nan lawsuit came weeks aft nan projected plea woody and puts nan lawsuit connected way toward a imaginable high-stakes proceedings arsenic nan 2024 predetermination looms.

He is asking to participate nan plea remotely via video conference, saying that would debar nan costs of Secret Service protection arsenic he travels from his location successful California to Delaware, arsenic good arsenic logistical challenges successful Wilmington.

Prosecutors are expected to reason that request.

Hunter Biden has besides been nether investigation for his business dealings, and nan typical counsel has indicated that taxation charges could beryllium revenge astatine immoderate constituent successful Washington aliases successful California, wherever he lives.