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Soon aft she learned what happened, Helmut Kramer’s mother grabbed a brace of scissors and trim nan leader retired of photographs from her son’s baptism.

“She kept nan photos aft that,” said Kramer, who was sexually abused astatine property 12 successful a Jesuit schoolhouse successful Antofagasta, a metropolis successful bluish Chile.

“My mom is still Catholic, but she ne'er attended Mass again. She says that she will ne'er group ft successful a church, and she does not spot nan pope aliases immoderate priest,” nan 53-year-old Chilean said.

His mother’s feelings echo hundreds of Chileans who person distanced themselves from nan Catholic Church since 2010, erstwhile victims of different priest, Fernando Karadima, raised consciousness astir clergy activity maltreatment successful nan South American country.

The Karadima lawsuit shook nan Vatican itself and marred Pope Francis’ travel to Chile successful 2018. Instead of applause, he was greeted pinch unprecedented protests against a papal visit. The script worsened erstwhile Francis accused Karadima’s victims of slander. He later admitted he made “grave errors” successful judgement and invited them to Rome to request their forgiveness.

According to polling patient Latinobarómetro, nan diminution successful assurance successful nan Chilean Catholic Church is 1 of nan largest successful Latin America. It fell from 77% successful 1996 to 31% successful 2020. Currently half of Chile’s 18 cardinal organization place arsenic Catholic and nan number of religiously unaffiliated roseate from 18% successful 2010 to 35% successful 2020.

“This wasn’t a crisis, this was a taste break from nan Catholic Church,” said Chilean historiographer Marcial Sánchez. “Chilean nine felt cheated by nan church.”

There has been small justness successful cases of clerical abuse. Some offenders were defrocked, but fewer person received criminal convictions, according to advocates. Some died earlier receiving immoderate reward from nan religion aliases nan courts.

Not agelong aft nan pope’s visit, Helmut Kramer joined different victims to motorboat “Red de Sobrevivientes Chile” (Chile’s Survivors Network), which widened its scope to support victims abused successful foster homes, scout groups and sports clubs.

“We created nan first representation of abusers successful an ecclesiastical discourse and introduced a governmental discourse: The problem of maltreatment is simply a quality authorities rumor and must beryllium treated accordingly,” Kramer said.

Human authorities violations are a delicate taxable for Chileans who still mourn nan losses of loved ones during nan dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). Kramer himself grew up during those reliable times and now realizes really nan governmental script influenced his ain maltreatment experience.

“We were successful a discourse successful which everything was quiet. You couldn’t speak astir anything,” Kramer said.

And so, for 35 years, he kept silent.


The first clip he said astir his case, Jaime Concha was a 55-year-old expert watching nan news aft a agelong time astatine nan hospital. What he saw connected TV shocked him: a study astir victims claiming clergy activity maltreatment astatine nan Marist Brothers’ schoolhouse wherever he studied from property 10.

It took him a fewer minutes to move to his woman and say: “That happened to maine arsenic well.”

Hoping for knowing and comfort, her guidance near him speechless. “Breaking nan soundlessness relieves you, but you besides consciousness responsible for nan suffering you share,” Concha said. “When I told my partner, it was unbearable for her.” She called him an anti-gay slur and accused him of hiding his sexuality from her.

Four decades earlier that, erstwhile he was abused by respective Marist Brothers and priests from his school, he wasn’t moreover judge that nan maltreatment had taken spot astatine all.

“The first clip it happened, I thought it had been thing I had made up,” Concha said. “The Marist Brothers were representatives of God. Not conscionable powerfulness figures, but our relationship to God.”

It took him years and endless nights of guilt, self-loathing and mistrust to process that what happened to him was abuse.

“I had each logic to propulsion myself disconnected nan balcony,” he said. “Then why americium I still alive? Because contempt everything, location is simply a God who loves me.”

Now 60 years old, Concha said, “I still judge successful a God who has ever taken attraction of me, who has allowed maine to beryllium connected nan brink and has ne'er thrown maine disconnected nan precipice.”


During nan 4 years that he was abused by nan leader who was expected to mentor him, a mobility circled Javier Molina’s mind: If God was expected to protect me, why did he let this to happen?

He met his abuser erstwhile his family moved to a caller territory successful Santiago and Molina expressed his wish to go a priest. “He showed liking successful maine from nan first time and said that he was going to beryllium my belief guide,” Molina said.

One Sunday, nan leader showed up astatine his location and told Molina’s mother: “I’ll return Javier to nan beach.” Pressured by fearfulness of losing her occupation arsenic his caput astatine nan parish, she agreed. Her boy was 14. The priest, 48.

“I don’t cognize really agelong I cried, but I retrieve that I fell asleep, and I woke up erstwhile he banged connected nan bath door,” said Molina, explaining what happened astatine nan priest's formation house. “We had breakfast, he celebrated Mass and made maine consciousness guilty. He said that nan devil tempted his faithfulness to God.”

On nan measurement backmost from nan beach, Molina said, nan leader threatened him. If you ever speak astir this, nan leader told him, I’ll show everyone that you are gay, and I’ll make judge your mother ne'er finds different job.

“It was shocking to recognize that group doubted my grounds because I was adjacent to him,” Molina said. “It’s truthful difficult to explicate that I had nary choice.”


Many Chilean victims who became activists to advocator for children’s authorities stock a communal thought. For them, what underlies clergy activity maltreatment is not nan Catholic Church aliases immoderate different institution, but nan asymmetrical usage of power.

“The Pope himself said that this is simply a matter of maltreatment of powerfulness successful abusive cultures, of cover-ups that guarantee impunity,” said 1 of Karadima’s victims, José Andrés Murillo, who met pinch Francis astatine nan Vatican successful 2018.

“People person nan correct to unrecorded their religion without being abused,” Murillo said.

He, too, wished to go a leader once. When he met Karadima successful an upper-class vicinity successful Santiago astatine property 15, nan leader was expected to go a saint.

“I deliberation we are still conscionable seeing nan extremity of nan iceberg of nan unit of nan churches toward children,” Murillo said.

He is now nan head of Fundación para la Confianza (the Trust Foundation), which offers free psychological, judicial and affectional support for maltreatment survivors. Murillo said that caller victims scope retired to him each azygous day.

“Traumatic experiences unfastened up a abstraction toward self-destruction, toward nan demolition of others aliases to find a measurement to fight,” he said. “I don’t want different group to acquisition what I experienced.”

Though he’s not a Catholic and does not judge successful God anymore, spirituality plays a cardinal domiciled successful his life. To him, love, relationship and beauty transcend people. Pain, suffering and trauma tin beryllium transformed into resilience.

“I’ve had nan chance to spot nan look of evil, and I cognize what I want to conflict against.”


When Helmut Kramer decided to speak up, nan leader who abused him was much than 90 years old. A friend called him and said: “If you don’t talk now, he’s going to die, and nary 1 will cognize what he did.”

Two days aft talking to a section journalist, Kramer made nan screen of a newspaper. Crying strangers hugged him successful nan street. A fewer group from Antofagasta criticized him for “damaging” nan nationalist image of his aged school.

He besides received a connection that would alteration his life. “I americium a subsister excessively and I conscionable want to show you that you’re not unsocial and we will ne'er support silent again.” The sender was Eneas Espinoza, who went connected to co-found Red de Sobrevivientes pinch Kramer.

Though they’ve ne'er met successful personification – Espinoza lives successful Argentina – they deliberation of each different arsenic brothers who stock nan extremity of demanding justness and preventing others from facing their fate.

“This is not a battle, and we are not soldiers,” Espinoza said. “The Catholic Church is not our enemy. Abusers are not our enemies; they are group who committed crimes and location is an institution that guarantees impunity.”

Dozens of activists for illustration them pushed for removing nan statute of limitations connected activity maltreatment crimes against children, which ended up happening successful 2019 nether President Sebastián Piñera. Now Red de Sobrevivientes hopes that President Gabriel Boric keeps his committedness to create a Truth, Justice and Reparation Commission.

Every measurement taken by a activity maltreatment unfortunate is an effort to heal. “You transportation this endurance successful your assemblage because nan tract of nan crime is yourself,” Espinoza said.

Aside from his activism, and arsenic portion of this treatment path, Kramer tries to laugh. With a grin crossed his face, he recalls nan time he became an apostate.

On a 2019 afternoon, he headed to nan Archdiocese of Santiago and handed successful his baptism certificate. When nan worker connected work asked why he wanted to renounce Catholicism, he said: “Do you spot nan sanction of that priest? He raped me.”

When he sewage out, he started shouting: “I americium an apostate!” Kramer joyfully recalls. Celebrations followed. “I bought myself lunch. I took a selfie, and everyone congratulated me,” he said.

“It was a feast.”


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