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Consultants and inferior doctors successful England are staging their first associated onslaught successful nan history of nan NHS.

– How agelong will nan onslaught last?

The associated action is moving for 24 hours from 7am connected Wednesday to 7am connected Thursday.

Junior doctors will besides onslaught connected Thursday and Friday this week.

Further associated strikes by consultants and inferior doctors are planned for October 2, 3 and 4.

– Will I beryllium capable to entree NHS care?

Thousands of infirmary appointments and operations person already been cancelled and rescheduled, though immoderate patients are experiencing repetition cancellations owed to business action.

If your assignment has not been cancelled, NHS England is advising you to be arsenic normal.

On nan days erstwhile some consultants and inferior doctors are connected strike, nan NHS pledges to supply emergency cover.

People are being urged to usage GP services and NHS 111 alternatively than turning up to A&E, though NHS England says anyone experiencing a life-threatening emergency should still telephone 999.

– When will nan strikes end?

At present, location is nary extremity to nan deadlock successful sight. It is much than 100 days since Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay and British Medical Association (BMA) leaders sat down for salary talks.

Doctors person suggested they will proceed striking until nan Government makes a “credible offer” that nan BMA tin coming to its members.

On Tuesday, Dr Vishal Sharma, nan president of its consultants’ committee, urged nan Government to perpetrate to talks, suggesting consultants wanted an above-inflation salary grant for this year, which successful April was moving astir 11%.

Junior doctors person asked for 35% “pay restoration” arsenic a “starting position” but person said they will meet pinch Mr Barclay “anywhere, anytime, to discuss what this mightiness look like.”

Mr Barclay has said nan Government’s salary woody – already successful spot – is final.

He said doctors who started their infirmary training this twelvemonth are receiving a 10.3% salary increase, pinch nan mean inferior expert getting 8.8% and consultants a 6% salary emergence alongside “generous reforms to their pensions”.

– What effect is each this having?

NHS information suggests that astir 1 cardinal appointments and treatments, including immoderate crab care, person been postponed because of business action since December.

Some hospitals person reported up to half their normal levels of activity person been postponed during nan strikes, which includes business action by nurses, radiographers and ambulance workers.

Last week, nan Shelford Group, which represents 10 of nan biggest infirmary trusts successful nan country, said nan standard of nan disruption now being seen has “inevitably heightened nan consequence of harm” to patients.

Saffron Cordery, lawman main executive of NHS Providers, said connected Tuesday it was difficult to opportunity whether strikes led to diligent deaths but urged some sides to get information nan negotiating array to trim nan risks.