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Katherine Ryan has attended a charity arena successful nan aftermath of nan revelation that she called Russell Brand a ‘predator’ successful unaired footage.

The Duchess prima looked glitter arsenic she arrived astatine nan Who Cares Wins awards connected Tuesday, September 19, astatine The Roundhouse successful London.

Ryan, 40, opted for an a-symmetric lavender apical which showed her toned abs, paired pinch achromatic trousers and metallic heels.

She beamed for pictures connected nan reddish carpet aft old comments astir Russell Brand came to ray amid his intersexual battle allegations.

Brand, 48, was accused of rape, affectional abuse, intersexual maltreatment by respective women successful a Channel 4 special episode of Dispatches airing successful a associated investigation pinch The Times.

The Get Him to nan Greek character has denied nan allegations, posting a YouTube video before nan section was shown to nan public.

Ryan is said to person outed allegations against Brand while moving together connected Comedy Central’s Roast Battle successful 2018.

During nan show, nan sheet aimed jabs astatine each different pinch nan Canadian comedian apparently leaving nan St Trinians’ character ‘furious’.

Her dig, which ne'er made it to air, reportedly said: ‘I will punctual you of that if immoderate victims travel out.’

Brand was only a judge for that season, replaced nan pursuing year pinch Jonathan Ross.

It’s thought that Roast Battle’s accumulation institution Fulwell 73 had besides grown ‘uncomfortable pinch nan rumours swirling’ astir Brand’s alleged behaviour.

In an question and reply pinch Louis Theroux, Ryan discussed an unnamed ‘predator’ known by comedians to beryllium moving successful nan industry.

She shared that she had called them arsenic overmuch to their look but called her chat pinch nan documentarian a ‘litigious minefield’.

‘It’s not really my communicative to tell,’ she told Theroux. ‘No 1 has perpetrated immoderate intersexual battle against me, but this person, I judge very powerfully – galore group judge very powerfully – is an unfastened secret, is simply a perpetrator of intersexual assault.

‘I, successful beforehand of loads of people, successful nan format of nan show said to this person’s look that they are a predator.’

Ryan has not confirmed whether her comments were astir Brand, keeping quiet connected nan matter truthful far.

She arrived astatine nan Who Cares Wins awards, hosted by Davina McCall, which honours those moving successful nan wellness and societal attraction sector.

The awards were group up successful 2017 to observe hardworking healthcare professionals and mean group wrong nan field.

They are televised connected Channel 4 and person been for nan past 3 years , partnering pinch The Sun and NHS Charities Together.

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