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A left-leaning Labour MP has demanded an independent reappraisal into a action title which she claims was “undemocratic and discriminatory” aft losing to a beforehand chair colleague.

Beth Winter has said nan measurement successful which nan statement chose its campaigner for nan Welsh spot of Merthyr Tydfil & Upper Cynon was “flawed from opening to end”.

The sitting MP for Cynon Valley was defeated by protector Scotland curate and Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney MP Gerald Jones.

My acquisition arsenic outlined supra presents successful my position a process that is neither inclusive, adjacent aliases democratic

Beth Winter MP

The 2 constituencies Ms Winter and Mr Jones presently correspond are owed to beryllium scrapped and efficaciously merged into 1 nether UK bound changes – mounting up nan two-way title betwixt them.

In a dossier shared pinch nan Welsh Executive Committee, Ms Winter has claimed nan process made it easier to formed votes online than by station and “indirectly discriminated against older members”.

“I judge that this process is successful breach of nan definitive information group retired successful nan Guidance connected Ballots that nan action process will beryllium carried retired ‘in accordance pinch nan principles of nan Equality Act’ and that location will beryllium ‘no discrimination’ connected nan grounds of property and different protected characteristics,” she said.

She has besides suggested Mr Jones had been allowed to usage Labour Party resources successful an soul action run and grounded to respond to her questions astir nan contest.

A deficiency of clarity astir nan commencement day of nan process, a short voting play and an absence of in-person meetings aliases hustings are among different alleged issues Ms Winter has complained about.

The MP claimed that problems persisted aft nan count, pinch nan procedures caput promising to proviso candidates pinch a breakdown of nan ballot which has not been provided.

She said: “My acquisition arsenic outlined supra presents successful my position a process that is neither inclusive, adjacent aliases democratic. This leads to feelings of a deficiency of spot and assurance successful Labour Party procedures.”

Ms Winter is among respective politicians from nan near of nan statement who person mislaid retired connected candidacies successful caller months.

A statement has flared up complete nan determination to artifact Jamie Driscoll, nan serving North of Tyne politician who has been described arsenic nan “last Corbynista successful power”, from moving successful different domiciled successful nan region.

Mick Whitley MP, who on pinch Ms Winter is simply a personnel of nan left-wing Socialist Campaign Group parliamentary caucus, besides mislaid a title successful his Birkenhead spot to protector employment curate Alison McGovern.

John McDonnell, who was nan Corbyn-era protector chancellor, has accused nan Labour activity of allowing a “right-wing faction” to go “drunk pinch power” and effort to “destroy” nan near of nan party.

Senior statement figures person rejected nan accusation, pinch Angela Rayner insisting that left-wing voters will not beryllium taken for granted.

Labour has been contacted for comment.