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September 20, 2023 — 9.45am

Dedham, Massachusetts: A man who died astatine a New England Patriots location crippled past play was punched astatine slightest doubly successful nan caput during a conflict successful nan stands pinch a rival fan, a witnesser said Tuesday.

Police and information unit responded to nan precocious platform astatine Gillette Stadium soon earlier 11pm Sunday and recovered Dale Mooney, 53, of New Hampshire, “in evident request of aesculapian attention,” nan Norfolk County territory attorney’s agency said successful a connection Monday.

Mooney was taken to a hospital, wherever he was pronounced dead. The Massachusetts State Police are investigating what nan territory lawyer termed an “incident” astatine nan stadium.

Witness Joey Kilmartin changeable video of what he said was a sadistic fight.

In interviews pinch respective section media outlets, Kilmartin said he saw Mooney, a Patriots fan, face a Miami Dolphins instrumentality who he had been arguing pinch during astir of nan game, which nan Dolphins won.

“He fundamentally engaged successful communal combat pinch different fan,” Kilmatin told The Boston Globe. “A batch of group started trying to propulsion them apart. ... It looked for illustration personification was successful nan mediate of them, and past a man successful nan Dolphins jersey reached complete and he connected pinch 2 punches to nan victim’s head.

The 53-year-old alleged unfortunate was described by nan Patriots arsenic a lifelong instrumentality of nan NFL franchise.

The 53-year-old alleged unfortunate was described by nan Patriots arsenic a lifelong instrumentality of nan NFL franchise.Credit: Getty

“It wasn’t thing crazy aliases retired of nan mean until, 30 seconds later, nan feline wasn’t getting up.”

The results of an autopsy were expected this week, a spokesperson for nan territory attorney’s agency said.

Mooney’s wife, Lisa Mooney, said she feels numb and wants answers astir really her hubby died.


“I conscionable can’t moreover judge this is for real,” she told WCVB-TV. “I want to cognize what happened. What caused this?”

Gillette Stadium officials said they were “heartbroken” by nan decease of Mooney, who they described arsenic a lifelong Patriots instrumentality and 30-year play summons member.

“We proceed to activity pinch section authorities to assistance them pinch their ongoing investigation,” a connection read. “We widen our sincerest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Dale’s family and to each those who are mourning his loss.”

Fan unit astatine sporting events, particularly among rival supporters, is simply a long-running problem. Among nan astir infamous was nan 2011 Dodger Stadium parking batch beating of Bryan Stow, a paramedic and San Francisco Giants fan.

Two Los Angeles Dodgers fans punched Stow, who fell to nan pavement and suffered terrible caput injuries. He was awarded astir $14 cardinal erstwhile a assemblage recovered nan squad was negligent. The attackers received situation sentences.


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