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A Mexican railway usability announced Tuesday it is temporarily suspending train runs successful nan bluish portion of nan state because truthful galore migrants are climbing aboard freight cars and getting wounded successful nan process.

Ferromex said it has temporarily ordered a halt to 60 trains carrying cargo that would capable 1,800 tractor trailers. It said immoderate world waste and acquisition would beryllium affected by nan stoppage.

In caller days, location person been astir a "half-dozen regrettable cases of injuries aliases deaths” among migrants hopping freight cars, nan institution said successful a statement.

The company, owned by conglomerate Grupo Mexico, said immoderate migrants moreover hopped connected moving freight cars “despite nan sedate threat that represents.”

“There has been a important summation successful nan number of migrants successful caller days,” Ferromex said successful nan statement, adding that it was stopping nan trains “to protect nan beingness information of nan migrants,” while it awaited action by authorities to lick nan problem.

It said location were astir 1,500 group gathered astatine a obstruction gait successful nan metropolis of Torreon, successful nan bluish separator authorities of Coahuila. The institution besides reported astir 800 migrants waiting astatine nan freight yards successful Irapuato, successful nan north-central authorities of Guanajuato.

About 1,000 group were reported to beryllium riding freight cars connected nan train statement that connects nan metropolis of Chihuahua and nan bluish separator metropolis of Ciudad Juarez.

Migrants person agelong utilized nan trains, known collectively arsenic “The Beast," to hitch rides from arsenic acold southbound arsenic Oaxaca authorities to nan U.S. border. About a decade ago, nan Mexican authorities concisely staged raids connected nan trains to discourage nan practice, but later mostly abandoned nan effort.

The announcement comes arsenic migrants are progressively hopeless to scope nan U.S. border.

On Monday, migrants mostly from Haiti burst into an asylum agency successful confederate Mexico metropolis of Tapachula.

Throngs of migrants knocked complete metallic barricades and pushed past National Guard officers and constabulary stationed astatine nan office. Some of nan migrants were trampled by their colleagues successful nan rush.

Authorities later convinced galore to leave, and nary injuries were reported.

Crowds of disappointment migrants, including galore from Cuba and Honduras, opportunity they person had to hold for weeks successful immoderate cases for an assignment astatine nan agency successful Tapachula, adjacent nan separator pinch Guatemala.

At nan office, tally by nan Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid, migrants tin record claims for asylum successful Mexico. Most, however, intend to usage nan papers to recreation much safely and easy to nan U.S. border.

Mexico is connected way to person much asylum applications this twelvemonth than ever earlier arsenic nan travel of migrants threatens to overwhelm governments of respective Latin American countries on nan migratory route.

Andrés Ramírez Silva, nan head of Mexico’s exile agency, said past week that nan number of asylum applications his agency receives this twelvemonth could scope 150,000, good supra nan 129,000 grounds group successful 2021.


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