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NSW Premier Chris Mins has warned of a “horror summer” pinch nan authorities “behind” connected its scheduled hazard simplification burns up of a perchance sadistic occurrence season.

As of 1pm, nan Rural Fire Service (RFS) reported 65 fires burning crossed NSW, pinch 19 not yet contained. It besides said forecasted winds were expected to worsen into nan afternoon.

An “extreme” occurrence threat informing is besides successful spot for nan Greater Hunter and Greater Sydney Region, pinch a “catastrophic” informing – nan worst of nan four-level occurrence alerts – issued for nan Far South Coast connected Tuesday afternoon.

A full occurrence prohibition is besides successful spot for Sydney, nan Hunter and Upper Central West Plains.

A time of hot, barren and windy upwind forecast for Wednesday has besides lead to nan Bureau of Meteorology to rumor an Extreme Fire Danger informing for nan Greater Hunter and nan Greater Sydney Region until a southerly alteration connected Wednesday nighttime will little temperatures.

With nan BOM formally declaring an El Nino for this summer, Mr Minns said a four-day streak of supra 30C temperatures had accrued concerns of a “horror summer”.

He said NSW was besides “behind” successful its hazard simplification burns complete nan past 12 months, owed to a deficiency of optimal upwind conditions complete nan winter.

“I deliberation nan nationalist would understand that you request cleanable conditions erstwhile you’re going to undertake a hazard reduction,” he said.

“The upwind has to beryllium low, it can’t beryllium excessively hot, because ironically enough, contempt everyone’s champion intentions, they’re inherently dangerous.”

PREMIER BUSHFIRESCamera IconNSW Premier Chris Minns said early soaring temperatures successful September had accrued concerns of a ‘horror summer’. NCA NewsWire/ Monique Harmer Credit: News Corp Australia

While hazard simplification burns are slated to continue, Mr Minns urged nan organization to guarantee their occurrence plans were up to date, and champion hole their homes.

“It’s really important that you tin consult pinch nan RFS successful your community, peculiarly if you’re successful a location area,” he said.

“We’ve sewage awesome unit retired connected nan occurrence crushed pinch dedicated volunteers that are committed to this work, but we request your thief arsenic good to get done nan summertime period.”

Mental Health Minister Rose Jackson besides group to interaction their GP, Beyond Blue, Lifeline aliases nan NSW Mental Health Line if they are emotion distressed aliases anxious astir nan imaginable of a bushfire crisis, aliases an summation successful upwind events.

“I’ve already had conversations pinch nan intelligence wellness branch of NSW Health astir nan truth that arsenic we spot much lukewarm weather, arsenic we spot much bushfire alerts, arsenic we spot an El Nino declared, group whitethorn beryllium emotion immoderate distress aliases worry based connected past experiences,” she said.

“Please cognize nan NSW authorities has resources disposable for you.”

If you’re not emotion okay aliases you’re worried astir personification astir you, spell and spot your GP; telephone Beyond Blue, telephone lifeline, telephone nan New South Wales intelligence wellness telephone line.

“There is support disposable for you.”