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Celtic skipper Neil Lennon was fixed a three-match prohibition by nan Scottish Football Association connected this time successful 2005 for barging into referee Stuart Dougal astatine nan extremity of his side’s 3-1 conclusion to Rangers.

Lennon had been shown a reddish paper for arguing pinch nan lucifer officials aft nan last whistle pursuing Celtic’s nonaccomplishment astatine Ibrox successful August, earlier he pushed speech nan adjunct referee and past barged into Dougal.

A Scottish FA disciplinary committee decided connected nan magnitude of Lennon’s prohibition aft a three-hour hearing, which nan Northern Ireland midfielder attended pinch Celtic leader Gordon Strachan.

Lennon received an automatic one-game prohibition for his first reddish paper and different two-game suspension was added “for misconduct of a importantly superior nature”.

Celtic said successful a connection aft nan hearing: “We are satisfied pinch nan process, today’s result and pleased that communal consciousness has prevailed.”

Strachan had said aft nan incident that Celtic “wouldn’t beryllium stupid capable to make a fool of ourselves by trying to take sides things that are indefensible”, while Lennon publically apologised for his behaviour.

Scottish Professional Footballers’ Association adjunct caput Fraser Wishart said Lennon’s erstwhile bully behaviour had worked successful his favour.

Wishart said: “Neil wants to put this incident down him and 1 of nan stressing facts is that he has ne'er been sent disconnected successful an SPL fixture aliases been complete nan apical of nan period for yellowish cards.

“His erstwhile grounds has been taken into consideration.”