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Among nan ancient Egyptian treasures going connected show for nan National Gallery of Victoria's wintertime blockbuster is an tremendous chromatic fist.

The reddish granite manus weighs almost 1 and a half tonnes and would erstwhile person rested connected nan knee of a colossal statue of Ramses II, 1 of Egypt's astir celebrated pharaohs.

Ramses II had galore wives, fathered astatine slightest 80 children and commissioned a awesome galore temples and monuments to himself.

His fist measures 1 and a half metres across, and was recovered by nan Napoleonic expedition astatine nan Temple of Ptah successful nan ancient metropolis of Memphis, southbound of Cairo.

"It conscionable makes you benignant of gasp astatine really nan ancient Egyptians, pinch nan exertion they had successful their time, managed to create these unthinkable sculptures," National Gallery of Victoria elder curator Miranda Wallace told AAP.

The pharaoh's fist is among much than 500 treasures from nan British Museum being exhibited successful nan institution's largest ever world loan.

Most of nan pieces will beryllium successful Australia for nan first time, and very fewer person ever been connected show successful London, Dr Wallace said.

The Pharaoh 2024 accumulation covers nan First Dynasty (circa 3000 BC) to nan Roman play (fourth period AD) and is truthful large it will return up nan full crushed level of nan gallery's St Kilda Road building.

It will see treasures relating to nan boy king Tutankhamun, Ramses II and Queen Nefertari, Khufu, nan builder of nan Great Pyramid of Giza, and overseas leaders specified arsenic Alexander nan Great.

Ancient Egypt exerts a perennial fascination, according to Dr Wallace, and nan show will connection a uncommon penetration into its ancient culture.

"It opens our eyes to an thought of history and nan long of clip because it's specified a rich | history, there's truthful overmuch that we tin discover," she said.

Recent milestones person heightened liking moreover further, pinch nan 100th day of nan find of Tutankhamun's tomb successful 1922, and nan 200th day of nan decipherment of hieroglyphs successful 1822.

"I conscionable deliberation it's a really awesome opportunity to immerse ourselves successful a spot of Egyptomania," said Dr Wallace.

That whitethorn move retired to beryllium a useful term, pinch Pharaoh 2024 being nan latest of 3 exhibitions of ancient Egyptian artefacts to sojourn Australia.

There's besides Discovering Ancient Egypt connected show successful Western Australia and touring to nan ACT and Queensland, and Ramses & The Gold of nan Pharaohs opening successful Sydney successful November.

Pharaoh has been successful nan useful since 2016, but moving nan giant, precious objects has required aggravated logistics and preparation.

The provenance of each point successful nan accumulation has been researched successful item and is uncontested, Dr Wallace said, though she acknowledged provenance much broadly is simply a basking taxable for galore museums.

There will besides beryllium a large show of ancient Egyptian jewellery made from gold, metallic and semi-precious stones, and requiring bonzer craftsmanship.

Also fascinating are nan similarities betwixt nan group of ancient Egypt and really we unrecorded now.

Dr Wallace describes a mini ivory explanation that would person been attached to a pharaoh's shoes, showing him towering complete his enemies.

It's nan benignant of propaganda we mightiness subordinate pinch much caller world leaders, she said, but grounds of nan repetition of images successful nan work of powerfulness has been astir for millennia.

Pharaoh is connected from June 14 to October 16, 2024 astatine NGV International.