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The Prince of Wales charmed New York during his short visit, moreover shaking hands and joking pinch locals arsenic he jogged done Central Park - and was moreover wholly unbothered erstwhile a rat ran crossed his path

Prince william surrounded by tourists

The Prince of Wales is visiting New York and greeting groups of tourists

Prince William was caught shaking hands and joking pinch locals arsenic he jogged done Central Park connected his short sojourn to New York - and moreover told a group that he'd "love to" travel backmost pinch his family while visiting nan area astir nan World Trade Centre.

The 41-year-old Prince joked to a tourer from Brazil that they had brought nan "Brazilian weather pinch them" and told a British female he'd "love to travel backmost pinch his family." William moreover joked astir pinch a group of 60-year-old women connected a celebratory associated day trip, telling them they were a "rowdy" bunch.

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William, Prince of Wales and Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh sojourn a FDNY Firehouse connected Tuesday (



One of nan members of that group, was Barb Patterson, 60. She was visiting New York from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She said: "He said I won't inquire really aged you are. I said 'I'm 60.' He said 'let's opportunity 50.'" Rebecca MacEachern, 60, different personnel of nan group, said that William joked: "Isn't 60 nan rowdy age?" She added that nan Prince of Wales was a "lovely man" and it was a "thrill" to meet him.

The prince was visiting pinch group adjacent nan FDNY Ten House, a fire position other nan World Trade Centre. William spent 30 minutes being shown astir by Laura Kavanagh, including a memorial to nan six firefighters from nan position who died connected 9/11. He was moreover unbothered arsenic a trademark rat ran past him done nan occurrence station.

Earlier that day, William attended nan Earthshot Summit pinch different high-profile men for illustration Prince Albert of Monaco and erstwhile Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. The intent of this travel to New York was Tuesday's Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit, wherever this year's finalists will beryllium revealed earlier winners are announced during nan 2023 Earthshot Prize awards ceremony, which will return spot successful Singapore.

William, Prince of Wales greets fans arsenic he visits a FDNY Firehouse adjacent nan World Trade Center (


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Then, Williams joined nan different throngs of joggers successful Central Park. "I decided to subordinate nan hordes of New Yorkers doing their greeting regular successful Central Park," he said. "It was awesome waking up successful Central Park connected a Sunday morning, alternatively than nan rainfall we had yesterday."

It has besides been reported that Kate will not travel her hubby to Singapore later this twelvemonth for his 3rd yearly Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony. William is group to caput to Southeast Asia astatine nan opening of November to coming nan awards, which helped to found.

According to nan pair's imperial PR team, Middleton stayed backmost successful nan UK to return attraction of nan couple's 3 children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Apparently, though nan mates has nan thief of longtime nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, they return turns regularly driving nan children to schoolhouse and for illustration to beryllium location erstwhile they get astatine nan extremity of nan day.