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* "A complaint this precocious could person a antagonistic effect connected nan entreaty of Victoria arsenic a tourism destination, besides penalising mundane Victorians seeking a section vacation erstwhile galore are already grappling pinch nan costs of living" - Airbnb Australia and New Zealand nationalist argumentation caput Michael Crosby

* "The 7.5 per cent summation intends owners request only region themselves from listing connected platforms to debar paying nan levy, and nan Victorian authorities whitethorn extremity up getting thing astatine all" - Stayz authorities and firm affairs elder head Eacham Curry


* "Why are consumers who support nan state's captious visitant system being asked to money nan government's societal lodging policy? This makes nary consciousness to penalise Victoria's tourism manufacture pinch a taxation impost that will beryllium disastrous for nan sector" - Victoria Tourism Industry Council main executive Felicia Mariani


* "Untangling readying reddish portion is an important measurement to getting projects moving to present much-needed homes for Victorian families" - Urban Development Institute of Australia Victoria main executive Linda Allison

* "This eager and broad scheme will alteration our manufacture to activate each types of housing" - Property Council Victorian executive head Cath Evans

"Today's connection is ambitious. The 80,000 (new homes) a twelvemonth whitethorn not beryllium delivered conscionable simply successful 1 year. Some years it whitethorn beryllium greater and others it whitethorn beryllium less" - Master Builders Victoria main executive Michaela Lihou


* "What's much important than location to live? Nothing is. We cognize that we're simply not building capable houses correct now" - Premier Daniel Andrews

* "As good arsenic punishing Victorians, nan caller (short-stay) taxation will make Victoria a little charismatic destination for world and interstate visitors" - Victorian guidance tourism spokesperson Sam Groth

* "By failing to perpetrate to a rent frost and ongoing rent controls, nan premier coming has abandoned thousands of Victorian renters who are choosing betwixt nutrient connected nan array and a tile complete their heads" - Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam

* "The levy connected short-stay rental accommodation is simply a bully start. This type of accommodation is intelligibly impacting connected nan semipermanent rental market" - Municipal Association of Victoria lawman president and Macedon Ranges Shire councillor Jennifer Anderson

* "Simplifying applications, banning each types of rental bidding, providing caller pathways for conflict solution and restricting invasive information mining will level nan playing section betwixt renters and landlords" - Victorian Trades Hall Council caput Luke Hilakari


* "Anything we tin do to resistance Victoria disconnected nan bottommost of nan nationalist societal lodging rankings is incredibly welcome, truthful providing developers pinch incentives isn't needfully a bad thing" - Council to Homeless Persons main executive Deborah Di Natale

* "The Andrews authorities has listened and responded pinch a constructive scheme for alteration which will cement nan state's position arsenic a nationalist leader successful rental reform" - Tenants Victoria main executive Jennifer Beveridge

* "Whilst we invited commitments astir important nationalist lodging renewal, we impulse Government to beryllium transparent arsenic to who will yet beryllium nan head of these properties" - Victorian Public Tenants Association main executive Katelyn Butterss

* "Along pinch nan Andrews government's $5 cardinal finance successful societal and affordable lodging nether nan Big Housing Build, this is an important measurement guardant for a authorities wherever galore group are presently being pushed retired nan bottommost of nan lodging market" - Anglicare Victoria main executive Paul McDonald

* "(Victorian Council of Social Service) applauds measures to summation nan magnitude of nationalist and organization lodging successful Victoria, make renting fairer and fast-track large developments which characteristic an agreed proportionality of affordable housing" - VCOSS interim main executive Juanita Pope

* "Today's connection shows a nickname that expanding rental proviso is portion of nan solution to thief much group into stable, affordable, and patient homes, and that it is champion complemented by rental reforms to protect those group erstwhile they are successful their homes" - Better Renting executive head Joel Dignam