Surgery puts World Cup in doubt for Black Caps' Southee - Breaking News | Latest News Today

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Black Caps accelerated bowler Tim Southee is to acquisition contiguous room connected his thumb, pinch its occurrence determining his information successful nan upcoming World Cup successful India.

The 34-year-old dislocated and fractured his correct thumb while attempting to return a drawback successful nan 4th and last one-day world (ODI) against England connected Friday.

A determination connected nan gait bowler's readiness for nan 50-over World Cup, which originates successful early October, will beryllium made adjacent week erstwhile nan results of nan room are known, New Zealand Cricket said successful a connection connected Wednesday.

New Zealand play champions England successful their World Cup opener connected October 5 and caput coach Gary Stead said Southee would beryllium fixed "every chance" to play a portion successful their campaign.

"We've sewage our fingers crossed nan room goes good for Tim," Stead said.

"He'll person immoderate pins aliases screws inserted successful his correct thumb and, providing nan process is simply a success, it will beryllium a matter of ensuring Tim tin tolerate nan symptom and negociate nan existent coiled erstwhile returning to train and play."

New Zealand person sent a second-string squad to play a three-match ODI bid successful Bangladesh opening connected Thursday.