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A teen has been charged pinch murdering a begetter during a late-night canine locomotion successful Geelong's CBD.

Paul Grapsas, 40, sustained caput injuries and was recovered dormant connected Friday greeting adjacent to his car aft leaving his Western Beach Road location precocious connected Thursday evening.

His woman made nan grim find aft waking astir 4am to find their canine had returned from nan locomotion but he had not.

An 18-year-old man from Belmont was arrested successful Ocean Grove connected Tuesday.

He was charged pinch execution pursuing a constabulary question and reply connected Wednesday and was group to look nan Geelong Magistrates Court later successful nan day.

Investigators person asked anyone who lives successful nan area aliases was driving done astatine nan clip to interaction constabulary if they person immoderate CCTV aliases dashcam footage.

The begetter of 2 was expecting to invited his 3rd kid and earlier successful nan week, his grieving family said he would beryllium dearly and desperately missed.