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Moments aft his broadside produced an outstanding showing against France past week, Uruguay skipper Andres Vilaseca wanted to make a point. “The first remark that comes to my mind is nan number of journalists I spot here, compared to nan property convention for our squad announcement wherever we only saw 2 people,” Vilaseca sounded disconnected to a packed property room. “I conscionable wanted to item really fewer journalists were there.”

Welcome to nan Rugby World Cup distant from nan elite. Uruguay return connected Italy successful their 2nd excavation fixture connected Wednesday evening, nan 3rd tourney lucifer successful 5 days successful Nice. After nan fervour brought by nan travelling fans astatine nan weekend, erstwhile Wales took connected Portugal and England met Japan, nan metropolis feels strangely subdued; nan large tourney buzz, mostly, gone.

Vilaseca would person been somewhat happier astatine Monday’s Los Teros squad announcement for nan Italy crippled – nan number of journalists successful attendance had trebled. Not that galore much could person come: nan media convention was held successful a abstraction nan size of a broom cupboard, leaving nan players waiting to speak, squashed into chairs up against nan wall for illustration truant children called successful to spot nan caput teacher.

Although Vilaseca’s reside made nan headlines, it is mostly connected nan transportation that nan alleged “tier two” nations are doing nan talking, successful a tourney that has shown that men’s rugby whitethorn ne'er had broader aliases deeper pools of talent.

Uruguay’s capacity against nan hosts was excellent, denying France a prize constituent while threatening themselves. Portugal were arsenic awesome against Wales. Namibia and Chile person had bully moments, too. The Pacific Island teams are a greater threat than ever having been boosted by nan revamped eligibility laws – location is simply a chance some Fiji and Samoa will make nan quarter-finals.

“You look astatine nan World Cup and location person only been 1 aliases 2 games wherever they person been 1 sided astatine half time,” Italy coach Kieran Crowley told The Independent ahead of his side’s brushwood pinch Uruguay. Crowley spent 8 years successful complaint of Canada betwixt 2008 and 2016 and has seen nan broadening of nan game.

“It is ever a battle. They are ever a existent arm-wrestle. Tier 2 countries are getting a hellhole of a batch closer. With each these teams now – Uruguay, Chile and Portugal are classical examples – you’ve sewage full-time training programmes; they are getting everything that each different squad is getting.

“The only point they aren’t getting is accordant competitory games against tier 1 countries. Once that is sorted out, you are going to person a hellhole of a batch much equilibrium successful world rugby. We are expecting 1 hellhole of a battle.”

Italy caput coach Kieran Crowley was antecedently successful complaint of Canada

(PA Wire)

It is not conscionable astatine this tourney that nan shape is emerging. The past fewer years person seen historical victories for Argentina successful New Zealand and England, Italy and Georgia successful Cardiff and Fiji astatine Twickenham.

So why are nan gaps closing? There are a number of factors, but nan greater professionalisation of programmes is simply a cardinal driver. The readiness of accusation online makes assets and knowledge sharing easier, while nan knowing of really champion to building a broadside has go much developed complete nan past decade aliases so.

“Everything ever filters retired and you tin show that these teams are really organised,” says England onslaught coach Richard Wigglesworth, who spent nan 2019 World Cup arsenic portion of Canada’s staff. “They person a protect system, an attacking strategy wherever players cognize wherever they are going. They are not turning nan shot complete possibly arsenic overmuch arsenic they were.”

The improvement of Major League Rugby (MLR) successful North America and Super Rugby Americas further southbound has provided playing opportunities, for which World Rugby, nan game’s governing body, merit credit.

In France, too, nan title and crowds successful nan 2nd and 3rd tiers person made it a fertile location for immoderate players to put down roots and beryllium themselves. There are spots up for grabs successful nan Top 14, too: take, for example, Uruguay scrum half Santiago Arata, who earned a statement pinch Castres connected nan backmost of his performances for his state and has since established himself arsenic 1 of nan champion nines successful nan league.

The Independent understands that discussions are ongoing complete a imaginable description of nan World Cup to 24 teams successful Australia successful 4 years’ time, successful portion aft seeing nan occurrence of nan women’s shot World Cup successful nan state earlier this year.

There are teams fresh to capable those spots: the truth that Portugal would not person been astatine this World Cup but for Spain fielding an ineligible subordinate shows nan extent of nan European game, while nan USA and Canada, who person some dealt pinch issues connected and disconnected nan transportation during this past cycle, are evident teams of liking for World Rugby pinch nan 2031 tourney successful nan United States.

One only has to look astatine nan emergence of Japan, who did not triumph a crippled astatine nan 2011 tourney but swept their excavation to make nan quarter-finals connected location ungraded 4 years ago, to spot really quickly a squad tin develop.

“It is important that we continue, from a rugby perspective, to thief create these tier 2 nations,” Wales coach Warren Gatland said aft Portugal ran his broadside close. “There mightiness beryllium a business wherever we tin summation nan number of teams successful nan World Cup to 24, and that would proceed to thief turn nan game.

“That is an important aspect. You don’t want apical tier nations dominating, you want upsets – arsenic agelong arsenic I americium not a portion of it. I deliberation it’s a existent affirmative going guardant to spot teams competing and pushing different teams close.”

There is logic for pessimism astir nan future, though. The projected caller Nations Championship, owed to commencement successful 2026 and beryllium held successful alternate years, will characteristic nan Six Nations and 4 Rugby Championship sides positive 2 impermanent nations, apt to beryllium Japan and Fiji. It will return spot successful nan existing July and November world windows.

The caller title is expected to beryllium ringfenced until 2030, which could good contradict moreover a federation for illustration Georgia nan chance to trial themselves against nan best. World Rugby opportunity they are moving connected a 2nd section “Challenger League” and insist emerging nations will person opportunities during nan fallow years to play those successful nan apical competition, but location is understandable scepticism.

It should beryllium noted that this is already a problem: since nan past World Cup, erstwhile they upset Fiji, Uruguay person only erstwhile played against a “tier one” nation. Access to fixtures is key.

“In nan Rugby Europe Championship, we play against Poland aliases Belgium,” says Portugal flanker Nicolas Martins. “It’s not bully to opportunity this, but they are weaker than us. We want to compete against higher-level teams, large countries.”

Flanker Nicolas Martins scored Portugal’s effort against Wales from a nifty lineout move

(Getty Images)

Of course, nan logistics successful an already crowded almanac are not straightforward. For nations without an progressive aliases engaged rugby public, finances are, obviously, a problem. Gaining entree to players tin besides beryllium much difficult extracurricular of World Cup periods, and a deficiency of clip together leads to evident problems of cohesion and consistency erstwhile nan infrequent opportunities come.

“It won’t get sorted pinch nan measurement things are going astatine nan moment,” concludes Crowley – though he still sees room for optimism. “There’s nan financial broadside of things and a hellhole of a batch much that goes into it than conscionable giving everyone games. It will return time. They will activity astatine it but moreover if it is conscionable 1 aliases 2 much Test matches each twelvemonth it will beryllium an betterment for those teams.”