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Millions of households crossed nan UK will soon person a £300 cost of living support payment.

The cash, straight from nan Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), will beryllium nan 2nd of 3 payments adding up to £900 during this financial year.

Households who are eligible and receiving means-tested benefits, for illustration Universal Credit, Pension Credit aliases taxation credits, will person nan costs betwixt October 31 and November 19.

People who are only claiming taxation credits and don’t suffice for a costs from nan DWP will person £300 from HMRC betwixt November 10 and 19.

Payments are tax-free, will not count towards nan use headdress and will not person immoderate effect connected existing use awards, nan authorities said.

Eligible pensioners will besides get a further £300 costs later this twelvemonth successful summation to nan wintertime substance payment.

The £300 costs of surviving costs will beryllium sent retired automatically and straight to recipients, meaning those eligible do not request to apply, interaction nan authorities aliases do thing to person it.

This includes taxation credits-only customers, who will person nan costs from HMRC.

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride said: ‘The champion measurement we tin boost slope balances is by base down connected inflation, but, arsenic we get there, we are ensuring nan astir susceptible households are cushioned from precocious prices pinch a further costs of surviving payment.’

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said: ‘Halving ostentation and getting value rises nether power is nan champion measurement to support households struggling pinch their bills.

‘But it is besides correct that we are helping nan astir susceptible successful our society, and this latest costs of surviving costs is portion of a package of support worthy £3,300 per family connected mean complete this twelvemonth and past to thief those struggling nan most.’

The DWP will salary much than 7 cardinal households and HMRC will travel pinch astir 830,000 more, taking nan full number of households eligible for nan cost-of-living costs to astir 8 million.

But group are being warned to look retired for scammers posing arsenic authorities bodies – arsenic nan costs of surviving payments are being made automatically, truthful thing needs to beryllium done to person nan cash.

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