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Prosecutors successful nan lawsuit of a high-profile man accused of rape person asked for much clip to reappraisal "many thousands of pages" of mobile telephone data.

The man, who remains connected bail and cannot beryllium named nether Queensland law, faces 2 counts of raping a female successful Toowoomba, westbound of Brisbane, successful October 2021.

The lawsuit had a committal mention successful Toowoomba Magistrates Court connected Wednesday arsenic portion of determining whether nan matter will proceed to trial.

Prosecutor Nicole Friedewald told nan tribunal nan Crown had received a download of six months of information from nan alleged victim's mobile telephone successful consequence to a petition from nan accused man's ineligible representatives.

"Since our past mention we did person nan telephone download ... it does screen galore thousands of pages and nan prosecution is presently moving its measurement done that worldly successful bid to fulfill disclosure obligations," Ms Friedewald said.

Ms Friedewald said prosecutors had 800 pages near to reappraisal and sought a four-week adjournment to complete nan study and determine connected what could beryllium disclosed to nan defence.

Prosecutors had antecedently questioned nan relevance of nan six months of telephone information requested by nan defence arsenic it covered a play earlier nan accused man and alleged unfortunate had met successful person.

Magistrate Kyna Morice said nan tribunal was trying to group adjournments connected a three, six aliases nine-week rotation truthful nan matter would proceed to beryllium heard by nan aforesaid magistrate.

The accused man's solicitor, Rowan King, said he had nary objection to a six-week adjournment and Ms Friedewald said she would judge that proposal.

Ms Morice adjourned nan matter until November 1.

Queensland parliament this period passed authorities to region nan automatic prohibition connected publically naming group charged pinch rape.

The existent naming prohibition extends to group charged pinch rape who person yet to beryllium committed to trial.

Mr King has antecedently told nan tribunal he would activity an bid to proceed preventing media from naming his customer erstwhile nan caller authorities came into effect early adjacent month.

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