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The news that Ken Livingstone, a figurehead successful nan Labour Party for 40 years, is ‘living pinch Alzheimer’s Disease’ follows a highly successful but divisive profession successful politics.

Here is simply a timeline of nan cardinal moments of his life and career:

– 17 June 1945: Ken Livingstone calved successful southbound London.

– 1969: Mr Livingstone joins nan Labour Party.

– 1971: He is elected to Lambeth Borough Council.

– 1973: He gains a spot connected nan Greater London Council (GLC).

– 1981: Labour return power of nan GLC and Mr Livingstone is elected leader.

– 1986: After respective high-profile clashes pinch Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government, nan GLC is abolished.

– 1987: Mr Livingstone is elected MP for Brent East.

– 2000: He stands against charismatic Labour campaigner Frank Dobson to go Mayor of London.

– 2004: He wins nan station again aft being allowed backmost into nan Labour fold.

– 2006: A High Court judge finds Mr Livingstone had made “unnecessarily offensive” and “indefensible” remarks likening a Jewish newsman to a Nazi attraction campy guard. But he is cleared of bringing nan agency of politician into disrepute.

– 2008: Mr Livingstone loses City Hall to Tory Boris Johnson.

– 2012: He is again beaten to nan mayor’s occupation by Mr Johnson.

– 2016: He is suspended from nan Labour Party for claiming Hitler supported Zionism successful nan 1930s “before he went huffy and ended up sidesplitting six cardinal Jews”.

– 2017: The erstwhile politician avoids expulsion from nan Labour Party astatine a disciplinary hearing, but is suspended for different year.

– March 2018: His suspension is extended again arsenic caller disciplinary probe launched.

– May 2018: Mr Livingstone resigns from Labour.

– January 2022: He applies to subordinate nan Green Party but his exertion is rejected.

– 20 September 2023: Mr Livingstone’s family corroborate that he is surviving pinch Alzheimer’s Disease.