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Giants skipper Toby Greene has questioned really fresh Collingwood prima Nick Daicos will beryllium successful Friday’s blockbuster preliminary last showdown astatine nan MCG arsenic he conceded his GWS broadside had exceeded his expectations successful their tally to nan expansive last qualifier.

Daicos, nan long-time favourite to triumph nan Brownlow Medal aft a stunning 2nd play successful nan AFL, hasn’t played since information 21 erstwhile he suffered a hairline fracture successful his correct knee.

He’s locked successful to return for nan Magpies connected Friday and while Green said Daicos’ brilliance couldn’t beryllium questioned, going consecutive into nan cauldron of a preliminary last for a first crippled successful 48 days could effect his expertise to perform.

“He’s a prima and we person seen what’s he done this year, but it will beryllium difficult for him coming in,” Green said connected Wednesday aft training successful searing 33C heat.

“It’s a beautiful important wounded and I can’t ideate he would person done a full heap of footy starring successful to nan game.”

“But we cognize what he brings.”

Greene said Daicos’ sanction hadn’t yet travel up successful nan Giants’ mentation for nan match, but it would he and didn’t deliberation nan GWS players would effort to unsmooth up nan 21-year-old.

“But if you get nan chance to tackle him, that would beryllium nice,” he said.

Few expected GWS to spell arsenic acold arsenic they person this season, not only aft Kingsley replaced Leon Cameron but besides aft nan Giants slumped to a 3-7 grounds aft nan first 10 rounds.

Greene said nan grounds since then, pinch conscionable 3 losses successful 15 games and wins astatine a club-record 11 different venues, was testament to nan belief nan players had successful Kingsley’s caller strategy and each different arsenic they look to return down nan insignificant premiers.

“The measurement we are playing is wholly different to really I ever played, that’s nan biggest thing. He’s drilled successful assurance and belief successful america that if we nail it, we’re going to beryllium a reliable squad to beat,” Greene said.

“When you don’t triumph arsenic whitethorn games early and group thought we wouldn’t beryllium a squad that would challenge, but arsenic you get much assurance and everyone buys successful and everyone knows what is expected you get bully results.

“I astir apt didn’t expect to beryllium present if I’m honest. Now we are present and what we are doing we merit to beryllium here. Footy is funny, it tin alteration a batch successful a fewer months aliases a fewer weeks.

“It astir apt happened quicker than we thought, but we are present now and we merit to beryllium and we want to make nan astir of it.”

Giants 20.9.23Camera IconToby Greene says nan Giants merit to beryllium 1 triumph distant from a expansive final. Phil Hillyard Credit: News Corp Australia

Greene missed nan club’s past preliminary last successful 2019 done suspension and was happy to beryllium enjoying a much “relaxed” week this time, adamant different travel to nan MCG, and nan imaginable of 90,000 Collingwood fans, was not daunting fixed nan prize available.

“We knew if we were going to triumph a premiership we had to triumph 3 games astatine nan MCG. We clasp that and dainty it for illustration a location game,” he said.

“The boys emotion it, getting down to Melbourne, footy is simply a belief down there, it’s awesome to beryllium a portion of.

“Once you are successful a prelim, you’ve sewage your eyes connected a premiership. They are not easy to make. We cognize what’s astatine liking and we’re excited. We can’t wait.”