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A glamorous lawyer and girl of fugitive spot developer Jean Nassif intends to use to person nan charges against her thrown retired aft she was accused of a $150m slope scam.

Ashlyn Nassif is accused of falsifying documents to meet a $10.5m pre-sale information for nan Sky View apartments successful Castle Hill successful Sydney’s northwest.

Police allege nan 29-year-old submitted clone contracts to Westpac Bank complete 3 months successful precocious 2021 to get a $150m indebtedness to money 3 of nan 5 Skyview towers, aliases astir 900 apartments.

The $900m flat building analyzable was being built by her father’s improvement company, Toplace. The institution has since collapsed pinch outstanding debts of much than $1.24bn.

COURT - ASHLYN NASSIFCamera IconAshlyn Nassif allegedly supplied a slope pinch clone pre-sales contracts successful bid to get a $150m slope loan. NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard Credit: News Corp Australia

The lawyer has been charged pinch dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception and publishing mendacious aliases misleading worldly aft she allegedly submitted clone contracts to get a $150m slope loan.

On Wednesday, her lawyer Warwick Korn told Burwood Local Court location had been lengthy delays successful proceeding pinch nan matter.

“The little was served almost 3 months ago,” he said.

“On nan adjacent adjournment we will beryllium applying to discharge if thing doesn’t move along.”

If Mr Korn makes nan exertion and it succeeds, nan charges against Ms Nassif would beryllium dismissed.

He noted his customer had endured lengthy delays and has been incapable to activity arsenic a solicitor since she was arrested successful February.

Crown charismatic Hannah Purcell explained a further 8 weeks was needed to “address nan complexity” of Ms Nassif’s matter.

She allegedly utilized nan indebtedness to thief her begetter build 1 of Sydney’s biggest flat projects. FacebookCamera IconShe allegedly utilized nan indebtedness to thief her begetter build 1 of Sydney’s biggest flat projects. Facebook Credit: Supplied
The 29-year-old was arrested earlier this year. FacebookCamera IconThe 29-year-old was arrested earlier this year. Facebook Credit: Supplied

She told nan tribunal location were a twelve lever arch folders filled pinch worldly related to nan allegations, including extended financial records.

Magistrate Vivien Swain agreed to adjourn Ms Nassif’s matter until November owed to “the complexity of nan matter and nan size of nan brief”.

However, she emphasised location was “some urgency” to nan proceedings because Ms Nassif was incapable to activity successful nan meantime.

“The crown is connected notice,” Ms Swain warned.

At nan clip of nan alleged multimillion dollar scam, Ms Nassif was a ineligible practitioner successful nan NSW Supreme Court and a partner astatine rule patient EA Legal.

There is nary proposal of wrongdoing by nan firm, and Ms Nassif was suspended from practising rule by nan NSW Law Society aft nan charges were laid.

Ashlyn is nan girl of arguable spot developer Jean Nassif. InstagramCamera IconAshlyn is nan girl of arguable spot developer Jean Nassif. Instagram Credit: Supplied

She could beryllium reinstated, pending nan result of nan criminal charges laid against her.

The EA Legal agency was 1 of 4 properties raided by constabulary anterior to Ms Nassif’s apprehension earlier this year.

She was granted bail successful May aft her family deposited a $2.6m surety to guarantee she would look successful court.

As portion of her bail conditions, she is not permitted to interaction dozens of group who are allegedly connected to nan allegations against her, including her spot developer father.

Ms Nassif is not charged arsenic his daughter’s co-accused, but constabulary person issued a warrant for his apprehension complete nan aforesaid allegedly fraudulent $150m loan.

The embattled spot developer is presently a fugitive and believed to beryllium surviving successful Lebanon.

His daughter’s ineligible conflict comes 2 years aft buyers were blocked from moving into nan Skyview apartments.

COURT - ASHLYN NASSIFCamera IconThe lawyer has been incapable to activity while nan proceedings are ongoing. Picture NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard Credit: News Corp Australia
COURT - ASHLYN NASSIFCamera IconShe is presently connected bail. Picture NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard Credit: News Corp Australia

Tenants were capable to inhabit their homes successful 2021 aft nan NSW Building Commissioner recovered structural issues successful nan building.

NSW Fair Trading suspended Mr Nassif’s improvement licence for 10 years and cancelled nan building licence of Toplace aft they were recovered blameworthy of improper conduct.

The arguable developer fought nan determination and was allowed to proceed to run nether nan information nan business does not judge immoderate caller contracts without permission.

However, nan prohibition was reinstated successful July and Toplace subsequently went into administration.