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A Florida Airbnb big has shared connected TikTok items that guests person near behind.

TikTok personification @atouchofclass_miami gained traction for documenting nan heaps of caller produce, snacks, and drinks she tells viewers that guests time off down astatine her Miami Airbnb property. Some viewers person suggested it was capable groceries to past her weeks.

Back successful May, she started nan celebrated video bid “What my guests near down successful my Airbnb,” and since past she has been uploading regular updates. As of 19 September, she has made 44 video instalments of nan series

In 1 of her astir celebrated videos from July, which has since garnered complete 25.1 cardinal views and complete 2 cardinal likes, nan personification shows viewers that guests near a half-full carton of eggs, golden playing cards, pancake and waffle mix, sticks of butter, and shredded food among different items.

Although astir of nan items typically near down successful her videos person been opened by nan guests, location are galore instances successful which visitors person near snacks, caller produce, alcohol, and soda – each wholly untouched.

Another video was posted connected 13 September, which received 2.7 cardinal views. The big showed viewers different haul that included an array of unopened items specified arsenic a 12-pack of Fanta, Kirkland chocolates, stiff gallic fries, party-size spot packs, and a assortment battalion of mini Oreos, Ritz Bites, mini Chips Ahoy, and Nutter Butter Bites. The guests allegedly stayed only 3 days astatine nan house. She captioned nan clip, “Only 1 point getting thrown distant this time.”

The sheer magnitude of nutrient near down shocked viewers: “3 days but nan nutrient is capable for 3 weeks,” 1 spectator wrote, while different commented, “The snacks would person been nan first point I packed.”

Food isn’t each guests person near behind, however, arsenic nan TikTok personification has besides recovered designer clothes, shoes, and bags. In different July video, nan personification revealed an Airbnb impermanent near down a pinkish leather Marc Jacobs tote bag, and nan impermanent told her that it was a gift from an estranged friend truthful she “left it connected intent for somebody, for anybody other to conscionable return it.”

Viewers were delighting successful nan drama, pinch 1 writing: “Y’all want nan bag. I want nan tea.” Another added, “I’ve seen truthful galore TikTok’s astir Miami trips ruining friendships... wondering if this is 1 of those situations.”

Someone other suggested that they’d “store it distant until they dress up and [the guest] wants it back.”

The personification wrote “Fajitas tonight” successful nan caption of another video, showing her haul of nutrient different impermanent had near behind, including an integrated crockery mix, chopped vegetables for illustration brussels sprouts, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

One funny spectator asked, “Do you ever person to market shop lol.” The personification replied, “Not much.”

Although nan sheer magnitude of nutrient has amazed nan TikTok community, location has been plentifulness of sermon among Airbnb hosts connected really to attack nan phenomenon. A big connected an Airbnb organization forum successful 2019 asked different hosts what they do erstwhile guests time off nutrient behind. Many replied that they only support sealed items, while others said they edifice to their “best judgment.”